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Save_the_Bridge_Sticker_logoSnowmobile Bridge over the PA T
urnpike Bridge is now OPEN!

In the Spring of 2012 the newly built bridge was finally opened, and snowmobiling across the PA Turnpike is once again possible. Below is a link to the old Save the Bridge campaign site — photos and messages during the long and arduous process of getting a new bridge petitioned
, approved, funded, and built. Enjoy Рand see you on the Bridge!


Rest in Peace

The Old Bridge, Looking North

 Read the Archives on Losing and Saving the Bridge (below):

Turnpike Bridge Closure
& Reconstruction

On December 17, 2009 the Rolling Ridge Snowmobile Club leadership was notified by the PA DCNR that the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail bridge over the PA Turnpike (I-76) was found to have numerous unsound structural components, and is currently unsafe for any type of travel, including snowmobile travel. Below follows what we hope is helpful information.

The Look of Progress

Excavation Begins

Notice the classy inscription on the bridge. Did they forget to add "snowmobile"?

Notice the classy inscription on the bridge. Did they forget to add “snowmobile”?

All Done!

All Done!

Old Bridge Deconstruction

(photo & text by Tribune Review)

(www.pittsburghlive.comenlarge here)



  • Sign the e-petition (but don’t if you’ve signed a paper version)

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